A Must in any Operating Room

OP3000 is a point exhaust developed to orthopaedic surgery, laser surgery, anaesthesia and similar areas, where the demands for cleanliness are high. OP3000 is a thoroughly tested system that both can be used as smoking exhaust, diathermy or as a regular exhaust that efficient and noiseless absorbs unwanted substances, particles, bacteria, contamination and smoke, and immediately removes them from the operation area.

The arm is built up by 3 x 360º rotary joints and 2 horizontal pipes each of 1000 mm. The total rang is 3 meters from the mounting point making it easy for the user to control and move the arm to the desired position. After use, OP3000 can be folded together and take up minimal space. At an operation room, JRV always recommends 2 x OP3000 installed diagonally, as this gives even more space during the working process.

Based on the operation area, JRV also offers sterile HEPA H13 filters which prevent the risk of particles spreading and settling in the point exhaust and the ventilation system as well as sterile hose covers allowing the OP3000 to be placed in the sterile zone.

  • Suitable for Operations

  • Protects Patients

  • Noiseless and Efficient

  • Very User-Friendly

  • Very Cleaning-Friendly