OP3000 System

The Complete Extraction Solution for the Operating Room

For smoke, diathermy and traditional extraction

The OP3000 system is a complete and flexible extraction solution to protect patients and personnel in operating rooms.

OP3000 is a thoroughly tested system that can be used as smoke extraction, diathermy or as traditional extraction that efficiently and noiseless absorbs smoke, and particles.

The system consists of:
The OP3000 System is delivered with a white painted ceiling console in optional length and an extraction arm Ø100 mm with a total range of 3000 mm. The extraction arm is equipped with a 360 ° flanges that allow the personnel to place and remove the arm from the working zone.

In addition to the ceiling console and the extraction arm, the OP3000 System consists of a control system that includes a control panel with pressure guard, a master box, a pressure switch, a damper motor, a pressure transducer, a pressure regulator, and a high-pressure fan.

A complete OP3000 system

For the OP3000 system, we also offered sterile HEPA source filters and sterile hose covers, already used in several public and private hospitals.

Features and Benefits

Principle sketch– OP3000 Systemet

The system consists of:

1. ES 326 Control panel2. ES 326 Master box
3. HC 604 Pressure switch4. Damper motor
5. ES 10 Flow / Pressure regulator6. ES 11 Pressure transducer
7. H45 High-pressure fan8. OP3000 – Extraction arm
9. JPLFK – Ceiling console
– The OP3000 Systemet is applicable for 1-6 extraction arms
– For optimal work process, installation of 2 extraction arms per operating room is recommended.
– JRV recommends the extraction arm be placed with a clearance height of 1950-2100 mm. from the lower flange to the floor.
– Ducts, fittings and noise silencers are not included in the OP3000 System, but can be selected.

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