JRV A/S is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Quality and Environmental Responsibility: Core Values at JRV A/S

For more than 35 years, JRV A/S has been producing quality products such as extraction arms, fume cabinets, source filters, and LAF units for industries including the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, and the food industry, both in Denmark and internationally.

Therefore, it has been a natural development for our company to clarify our high level of quality and environmental awareness by achieving the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. These certifications impose strict demands on all aspects of our business—from structure and management to supplier collaboration and employee involvement, which helps ensure that our products continue to meet the highest standards.  

By integrating ISO principles into our daily activities, we not only mark an important step in our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, but also our position as a responsible player in the industry.

ISO 9001: When We Say Quality, We Mean Quality

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. This certification proves our ability to consistently deliver products that meet both customer and legislative requirements.

At JRV A/S, it means that we purposefully and systematically work to improve our processes and increase customer satisfaction. This approach strengthens our internal efficiency and employee engagement, which helps us maintain high quality standards throughout our organisation. This ensures that all our stakeholders experience the best possible service and product quality. Our intention is to continue using the principles of the ISO 9001 standard to drive innovation and support sustainable growth.


Henrik Petersen from Lekon Rådgivning ApS (consultancy firm) and Daniel Rasmussen, CEO of JRV A/S. 

Quality is not just quality

"Updating our existing quality management system to ISO 9001 has been a very considered and strategic decision.

JRV is a company that has developed with our customers' increasing needs and requirements for our products. Our customers must increasingly document the quality of their suppliers, which is not only the quality of the products in their laboratory, production, classroom, or operating room. Therefore, it was natural for us to take the step and get our quality certified.

I am proud of our employees, who from the beginning have adopted our ambition to be certified, and we can now all celebrate that we have reached the goal. But our journey does not end here. We are ready to both expand our certifications and not least our international connections."

Daniel Rasmussen


ISO 14001: Environmental Management is a Central Part of Our Business Strategy

The ISO 14001 certification underscores our commitment to environmental management. This standard confirms our proactive approach to minimising our company’s environmental footprint through improved resource management, efficient waste handling, and increased energy efficiency. Our goals extend beyond merely complying with environmental laws; we aim to be a sustainable company that makes a positive contribution to our community.

By integrating environmental sustainability into the core of our business strategy, we strive for all aspects of our operations contribute to more sustainable activities. ISO 14001 is not only proof that JRV A/S takes our environmental responsibilities seriously but also a testament to our continuous efforts to improve and innovate in ways that reduce our impact on the environment.

This certification is a driving force for JRV A/S in our ongoing development of environmental strategies and implementing new, more sustainable practices throughout the organisation.