JRV A/S is ISO 9001 Certified

When we say quality, we mean quality

For more than 35 years, JRV A/S has produced quality products such as extraction arms, fume cabinets, source filters and LAF units (Laminar Air Flow) for industries within the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, and the food industry in both Denmark and abroad.

It has therefore been a natural step for our company to clarify our high level of quality by achieving the highest international quality certification ISO 9001. The certification places great demands on our company structure, management, processes, and our suppliers, which together must help to ensure that in the future we will also be able to produce, document and deliver high-quality products to our customers.


Henrik Petersen from Lekon Rådgivning ApS (consultancy firm) and Daniel Rasmussen, CEO of JRV A/S. 

Quality is not just quality

"Updating our existing quality management system to ISO 9001 has been a very considered and strategic decision.

JRV is a company that has developed with our customers' increasing needs and requirements for our products. Our customers must increasingly document the quality of their suppliers, which is not only the quality of the products in their laboratory, production, classroom, or operating room. Therefore, it was natural for us to take the step and get our quality certified.

I am proud of our employees, who from the beginning have adopted our ambition to be certified, and we can now all celebrate that we have reached the goal. But our journey does not end here. We are ready to both expand our certifications and not least our international connections."

Daniel Rasmussen


Our journey

ISO 9001
April 2023
ISO 14001
Commences Q1 2024

Quality Management

ISO 9001 is a certification that places high demands on our quality management system, which we must meet and maintain.

This concerns requirements for:

The requirements help us to constantly improve our ability to deliver high product quality that meets the requirements of customers, authorities, and legislation.

We collect and package sterile source filters in our cleanroom in Greve, Denmark