Behind a unique history that extends over more than 45 years, a company lives with a team. A team that has helped thousands of satisfied customers finding a ventilation solution tailored specifically to them.  

JRV A/S is a modern ventilation company which offers a wide range of innovative quality ventilation solutions based on a high performance-oriented experience and reliable staff. We constantly keep an eye on our surroundings, so we always make use of the latest technology and knowledge on the market. This ensures that our customers receive the most optimal solution and advice to cover their individual and specific needs.

We are a family-owned company established in 1968 by the brothers Jørgen Rasmussen and Erik Rasmussen. Since, we have been through a significant journey, where we have gone from being a subcontractor to now also becoming a self-employed manufacturer.

One of our strengths are that we quickly transform ideas into results. We are experts in special tasks where we daily tailor-made ventilation solutions based on our customers specific wishes and instructions. This is also the main reason why our regular collaborators use JRV A/S as a discussion partner during the development of complex as well as simpler projects. Here, the many years of experience benefit all parties. The ideas have taken hold and thus become a part of our permanent range of products.

At JRV A/S we have a special focus on constantly optimizing personal and product protection at workplaces and we daily take pride in helping ensure a healthy and better working environment. We always strive to improve and develop us in all levels. This is fulfilled with help from our customers and collaborators as well as an ambitious and committed team. Here, customers, users and collaborators are an important factor in the development process as we always seek to strengthen competencies that meet demands of all the parties concerned. In JRV A/S we handle tasks and challenges together which helps to keep moving each others competencies to a higher level.

In each of our working tasks, it is our vision to maintain our good quality, flexibility, service and reliability of delivery. We believe that in this way, we give our customers the best experience by trading with us at JRV A/S.