Source Filter for Point Exhaust

Absorb Dust, Particles and Fumes in your Laboratory 

Protects user and service personnel

JRV’s Source Filter is developed to absorb dust, particles, fumes, smoke and similar dangerous substances already at the source, meaning right where the contamination occurs. 

This filtration reduces the risk of contamination spreading and settling in the point exhaust and the ventilation system, as well as minimising the following risk of particle fallout in situations where multiple systems are connected to the same ventilation, which often is the case. This protects the the user and not least the service and technical personnel who work in the ventilation system.

The source filters are especially suitable for the Pharma industry and the food industry, but also for other industries where pollution is created in the work contamination, such as batch processing.

The source filters can be used for all our extraction arms, and are easily to replace into the suction head. 

Kildefilter F6

Source Filter F6
Degree of filtration 60%

Item no.Dimension
902102100x100x32 mm
Delivered in a box with 10 pcs.

Kildefilter F6

Source Filter F6
Degree of filtration 60%

item no.Dimension
902103160x160x32 mm
Delivered in a box with 5 pcs.


Source Filter HEPA H13
Degree of filtration 99,95%

Item no.
Delivered in a box with 1 pcs.

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