Flexoduct® At-Source Filter for Point Exhaust

Protection Already at the Source

Flexoduct® At-Source Filter is developed to absorb dust, particles, fumes, smoke and similar dangerous substances already at the source, meaning right where the contamination occurs. This filtration reduces the risk of contamination spreading and settling in the point exhaust and the ventilation system, as well as minimising the following risk of particle fallout in situations where multiple systems are connected to the same ventilation, which often is the case. This makes it especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and at laboratories but also in environments where undesired contamination is generated as a part of the working process such as batch processes.

Flexoduct® At-Source Filter:

Flexoduct® At-Source Filter is a wide range of fine F6 filters and H13 HEPA filters. The filters have each their own strengths based on the working task and the environment in which they operate. However, it does not change the fact that they all contribute to increase protection for the users, the employees and not least the service and technical personnel who work in the ventilation system.

Our entire range is designed for use with our Flexoduct® Point Exhaust.

  • Absorbs at the Source

  • Protects Users

  • Protects Technical Staff

  • A Wide Range of Filters

  • Easily Replaceable