Exhaust Hoods

Efficient Exhaust Hood with a Low Pressure Loss in a Beautiful Design

An exhaust hood of the type GLAK is designed with a generally low pressure loss that by powerful strength removes the discharge of contaminated air.

Originally, exhaust hoods were developed for use in connection with discharge from products such as fume cabinets and comfort systems. From that point it went fast and exhaust hoods are now used for all types of ventilation plants. The hood is constructed with an inner tube, closed in the top with a bird netting. For protection against failing rain and snow, the hood is fitted with an outer cover cap. 

The Exhaust Hoods:

Our exhaust hoods are as a standard produced in either galvanized steel or stainless steel in the following sizes:

  In High H1 or H2: Ø 160, Ø 200, Ø 250, Ø 315, Ø 400, Ø 500, Ø 630, Ø 710 and Ø 800
•  In high H2: Ø 900, Ø 1000 and Ø 1250

In addition to our standard sizes, the production of exhaust hoods is offered according to custom measurements. If desired, all exhaust hoods can be delivered painted in order to fit into the locations and surroundings in question.

  • Low Pressure Loss

  • Protected from Rain

  • Several Standard Sizes

  • Can be Painted

  • Customer Offered