Surgical Scrub Sink

Functional Sinks which Meet the Need of the Operation Ward

JRV’s surgical scrub sink is developed in close corporation with the operation ward and the users, where functionality, user-friendliness and optimising hygiene have been the core priorities. The function of the sink is to increase the hygiene by preventing users from being splash during washing before and after operations and similar surgical procedures. 

The Surgical Scrub Sink:

JRV offers surgical scrub sinks in 2 standard sizes:

  Single Sink, width 600 mm
  Dual Sink, width 1200 mm

In addition to our standard sizes, the production of surgical scrub sinks is offered according to customer desired regarding dimension, function and material.

  • User Developed

  • Stylishly Designed

  • Very User-friendly

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Very Cleaning-Friendly