Medisafe and Fume Cabinet

For safe handling of Medicine, Formalin and Chemical

A Protective Medicine and Mixture Cabinet

Medisafe fume cabinets is specially developed solution for extraction during handling medicine, formalin, chemicals and similar processes. By connecting the cabinet to a ventilation system, the user is protected against dust, fumes, smoke, gas and similar dangerous substances generated inside the cabinet.

The Medisafe cabinet is an efficient and economical alternative to a fume cupboard.

As standard, the control box is mounted on the right side of the Medisafe cabinet.

Medisafe uden frontlåge
Medisafe Fume cabinet without front cover
Medisafe sugeskræm med låge med huludskæring til hænderne og rustfri spildbakke
Medisafe Fume cabinet with front cover with holes for hands
Medisafe med frontlåge og stinkskabsstyring
Medisafe Fume cabinet with front cover with holes for hands, control box, LED light, Spillage tray and PIR sensor

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Customised solutions

In addition to our standard Medisafe cabinets, we also offer customised solutions, where we are happy to advise on recommended design choices, materials and air volumes based on your work process.

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