Pressure Test

The Little Helper

Due to the appearance of the product, we have named our pressure test Dumbo. The main task for a pressure test is to help a pressure guard, a filter guard or a pressure switch to measure the existing pressure. This is done by using a tube which is passes between the pressure test and the system in question. A pressure test is a small, almost invisible product that maintains the tube to the spot where pressure is to be measured. 


A pressure test is especially useful in connection with point exhaust, ventilation ducts and fume cabinets: 

  Pressure Test with 90° connection incl. O-ring, Item no.: DUMBO.

If any questions occur regarding our pressure test, you are always welcome to contact us for further information.

  • For Ventilation Systems

  • For Fume Cabinets

  • Maintains the Tube

  • Small, almost Invisible

  • Easy to Mount