Laminar Air Flow and Flex Bridge

Ensures Particle-Free Zones that Protects Operating Personnel and Patients

We offer a complete operating room with Laminar Air Flow

LAF/Laminar Air Flow ensures clean particle-free zones in the operating room.

The clean zone is created by an air filter and ventilation system that sends out controlled sterile air that prevents contaminated external/room air from entering the work area. By purifying the air, particles and microbes that come from operation personnel and patients are removed. The constant and controlled vertical air keeps the concentration of microbes at a constant low level. This protects the patient and operation personnel during surgery, as well as reduces the risk of reoperations and infection.

A Flex Bridge provides more work space and improved ergonomics during operations.

With a flex bridge around the LAF unit, you can remove equipment from the floor area, and reduce the risk of falling accidents. The flex bridge is designed to work from all sides and the operating table can be turned as needed. The number and positions of gas outlets and switches can freely be customised.

LAF Teknikbro

LAF and flex bridge in a operating room.

We offer customised LAF solutions, where we are happy to advise on recommended design based on your work process.

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