LAF – Laminar Air Flow and FlexMediBridge

LAF – Particle-Free Zones for Increased Operation Protection

LAF, Laminar Air Flow, is used to create particle-free zones in the operating room. The LAF unit sends out controlled sterile air that effectively prevents contaminated external air from entering the critical working area and thereby removes microbes and particles derived from people and textiles. The constant and controlled vertical air keeps the concentration of microbes at a constant low level.

This protects the patient and the operation personnel during the surgery as well as it reduces the risk of reoperation and infection.

The FlexMediBridge –  More Workspace and Improved Ergonomics

A FlexMediBridge can be installed around the LAF unit. The FlexMediBridge allows the personnel to remove equipment from the floor space which reduces the risk of fall accidents and improves the ergonomics for nurses, surgeons and doctors. The entire flexible bridge is designed to work from all sides and the operating table can be turned as needed. The number and positions of gas outlets and switches can freely be customised.

  • Removes Microbes/Particles

  • Creates Particle-Free Zones

  • Reduces risk of Reoperation

  • Allows more Floor Space

  • Improves the Ergonomics