LAF and FFU Solution

Customised solutions that ensure clean zones in Laboratories and Productions

Industrial LAF and FFU units

A LAF (Laminair Air Flow) and FFU (Fan Filter Unit) ensure clean working zones that either protect the product or protect the person. The clean zone is created by an air filter and ventilation system that creates sterile air that is forced over a work area. By purifying the air, contaminated particles and microbes are removed, which protects the person and the product.

We have great experience with LAF and FFU solutions for laboratories and productions in the Pharma and Food industry. The units can be produced as large cabinets that encapsulate an entire work process, as ceilings over a process, as trollies for transporting products from one clean zone to another, as well as smaller cabinets. We offer customised solutions, where we are happy to advise on recommended design choices based on your work process.

LAF solution that encapsulates an entire work process in a production

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