LAF, FFU, and UDF Units

Purification of Air that Creates Particle-Free Zones

LAF, FFU, and UDF are 3 separated units, specially designed for use in the Pharma Medico industry. The common purpose of the units is to generate particle-free zones using an air filtration system and a flow of sterile air forced over the working area. By purifying the air, the contaminated particles and microbes are removed immediately, and thereby the users and the products are proteced. 

The Units:

There are several ways to design and produce a LAF, FFU, and UDF unit. Throughout the years, we have developed these both as larger cabinets, trollies and smaller filter boxes. This opens many options to customise the perfect unit that matches your needs. For further information regarding our units, feel free to contact us

  • Suitable for Pharma Medico

  • Creates Particle-Free Zones

  • Increase Protection

  • Many Design Options

  • Customised