A Personal Protective Medicine and Mixture Cabinet

Product description

The Medisafe / fume cabinet is an effective solution for extraction when mixing and dosing medicines, formalin, chemicals and similar processes.

By connecting the cabinet to a process ventilation system, the user is protected from smoke, odors, vapors, dust, gas and similar sources of pollution generated inside the cabinet. The Medisafe cabinet can be used in all workplaces with requirements for process ventilation.

Medisafe is made of PETG and can be delivered without a front cover or with a front cover designed with holes for the hands. The cabinet is fitted with an inner shield, which is fitted with thumbscrews, which can be easily removed for cleaning. When choosing a front cover, the cover is divided in two (horizontally) and mounted with hinges and magnets.

A control box can be purchased for the cabinet.

As standard, the control box is mounted on the right side of the Medisafe cabinet.

Features and Benefits

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Recommended air volumes
The recommended air volumes are based on
maintaining 0.5 m/s in inflow.

  • Without front cover / Full open = 454 m3/h
  • Front cover with bottom cover open = 145 m3/h
  • Front cover with holes for hands = 115 m3/h