Aarhus University

Low-noise LAF Cabin with height adjustable working table

In close collaboration with our client OPend, JRV has designed and produced a LAF Cabin for research at Aarhus University. Aarhus University had extra requirements for both light, sound and ergonomics.

The sound level in the cabin is reduced by extra shock-absorbing chambers, which has result that the sound level is less than 50 dB with a downflow of 0.40 m/s.  

To meet the requirements for ergonomics during the work process, the cabin is fitted with a height adjustable working table that can be raised or lowered as needed via a touch panel. The touch panel can be used with gloves and is placed at the front of the cabin, which makes it easy for the user to access.

The HEPA filters in the LAF cabin ensure a filtered working environment for both the operator and the surroundings against risk exposure to contaminated sources such as dust particles. In order to avoid turbulent air from the room, the cabinet is designed with solid curtains that can be easily dismantled for cleaning. In front of the HEPA filters is a laminator cloth, which ensures an even air distribution over the work area. The LAF cabin is also equipped with a flexible holder for PC/tablet and an outlet for power.

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Daniel Rasmussen

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  • Description:

    Low-noise LAF Cabin with height adjustable working table

  • Client:

    OPend ApS

  • JRV A/S' part of the project:

    Design and production of LAF Cabin

  • Year:


Frederikshavn Operationsstue

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