JPL – Extraction arm for ceiling mounting

Range 750 mm, Dimension Ø 125, Swivel joint 360°

Product Description:

Flexible extraction arm for ceiling mounting. The extraction arm is suitable for extraction of smoke, dust, odours, vapours and gases by light chemical compounds and biological processes.

The extraction arm is mounted with 1 pc. 360° swivel at ceiling console. The 360 ° swivel joint is mounted a white flex hose with a length of 700 mm, type flexible Combidec, and a internal breakable support arm in 3 joints with a unique braking function, this ensures maintenance of the extraction arm position. This provides a great deal of flexibility in the work process where the user can easily control the exhaust.

To optimize the suction capacity in relation to the given work function, the extraction arm can be mounted with a number of suction heads / suction screens and source filters. The extraction arm can be used in all workplaces with requirements for process ventilation.

Features and Benefits

Sizing Table

The measurements were performed in our test center in a 1 meter concole . The measuring point is located 6 times Ø from the point suction and in even air flow.

Dimension Ø 125Range 750 – 360°
Air volumem3/h200250300
Pressure dropPa94151199
Air velocity in ductm/s4,55,66,7