New FFU (Fan Filter Unit) for protecting materials during unpacking

At JRV A/S, we are proud to have delivered a customised FFU (Fan Filter Unit) to the pharmaceutical company, Pharmacosmos.

This FFU is an advanced air purification unit designed to effectively protect materials during the unpacking process. The unit is mounted in the ceiling and made of durable stainless steel, ensuring long life and easy maintenance.

This specially designed FFU is equipped with HEPA filters located in the downflow area to ensure a clean air environment. The airflow is evenly distributed using a laminator cloth, while integrated LED lighting in the unit contributes to optimal working lighting.

To enhance the functionality of the unit, we have installed slat curtains on each side of the FFU, as well as fans and a controller that automatically adjusts the airflow to 0.45 m/s under the laminator cloth.

Furthermore, the intake of the FFU is equipped with bag filters, which are protected by a screen to prevent water ingress during the cleaning process, which minimise the risk of damage to the filters.

This installation at Pharmacosmos is an excellent example of how advanced technology and customer-specific customisation can be combined to enhance value and safety in critical environments.


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Daniel Rasmussen

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  • Description:

    FFU (Fan Filter Unit) for protecting materials during unpacking at Pharmacosmos

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    Design and Production of FFU (Fan filter unit)

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