The University City Building 1870

Extraction arms for a New Laboratory Facilities

The historic building from 1870, formerly the Aarhus University Hospital, has been through an extensive renovation and has now been converted into a teaching laboratory for Aarhus University. This new academic environment focuses particularly on studies in molecular biology and genetics.

For this project, Zystm A/S was responsible for supplying and installing laboratory furniture. The work included design of more than 90 different rooms, including specialised laboratories for research purposes such as insect, plant, bacteria, and cell research, support laboratories, and storage areas like microscopy rooms, apparatus rooms, weighing rooms, cold rooms, incubator rooms and gel rooms.

For this project, JRV A/S supplied with extraction arms to Zystm, which have been integrated into their laboratory furniture. The extraction arms are mounted in the cabinets, supporting a flexible, safe, and healthy working environment by effectively minimising exposure to harmful vapours and substances during laboratory work.

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Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

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  • Description:

    Extraction arms for the University City Building 1870, Aarhus University

  • JRV A/S' part of the project:

    Delivery of Extraction arms to Zystm A/S


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Extraction arms for New Laboratory Facilities