The Technical University of Denmark

Extraction arms for New Laboratory Facilities

At the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), buildings 128/129 have been equipped with new laboratory facilities that support research in arctic technology as well as geological and geotechnical research. Our long-term partner, Zystm A/S, has been responsible for delivering and installing, among other things, new laboratory island benches in the modernised laboratory.

JRV A/S has contributed to the project by supplying extraction arms and dome-shaped hoods to Zystm. These products have been integrated into the cabinets installed by Zystm, to ensure optimal functionality and safety in the laboratory. Our extraction arms are designed to effectively remove harmful vapours, dust, and particles directly at the source, which is crucial for the demanding work of research and development.

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Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Head of Department, Sales and Marketing
Tel.: +45 43 950 962

  • Description:

    New Extraction arms for the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Buildings 128/129

  • JRV A/S' part of the project:

    Delivery of Extraction arms to Zystm A/S


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