Extraction arms for New Laboratories

The SDU SUND project is an innovative and ambitious construction project that uniquely integrates university and hospital facilities on a 50.000 square meter campus. Our partner, Labflex A/S, has played a central role in the project by designing, delivering, and installing customised laboratory furnishings that meet various laboratory classification standards.

Part of Labflex’s installations includes the inclusion of flexible extraction arms from JRV A/S. These extraction arms are installed in the cabinets in the laboratory furniture, contributing to a safe and efficient work environment by minimising the risk of exposure to harmful vapours and particles. Our flexible extraction arms are designed to be highly adaptable, ensuring optimal functionality and user-friendliness.

The SDU SUND project marks a development in the integration of educational institutions and healthcare facilities. This rarely seen collaboration between a university and a university hospital opens new doors for advancements in research, education, and innovation, especially in the health sciences. With this project, facilities are established that not only promote high quality in research and treatment but also strengthen the interaction between students, researchers, and health professionals. We are very proud to have contributed products to this project.

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Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Head of Department, Sales and Marketing
Tel.: +45 43 950 962

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    Extraction arms for SDU SUND

  • JRV A/S' part of the project:

    Delivery of Extraction arms to Labflex A/S

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