Extraction arms for New Laboratories

Novozymes in Lyngby has acquired new laboratory facilities, designed and realised by Zystm A/S. Zystm has provided a complete turnkey interior solution, and managing the design and delivery of both purchase, production, installation of the fixed and movable inventory together with all technical installations for the inventory.

Zystm A/S has been responsible for creating a tailored solution that meets Novozymes’ high standards for functionality and quality in their research facilities. They have ensured the implementation of a modern and efficient work environment, where all furniture is optimised to support the researchers’ daily work and technological needs.

In this project, JRV A/S has contributed with our expertise in extraction arms. We have supplied extraction arms to Zystm A/S, which have been installed in various areas of the laboratories. An extraction arm provides increased flexibility and protection, as it effectively removes harmful vapours and particles directly from the work area.

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Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Josefine Kristine Leonhardt

Head of Department, Sales and Marketing
Tel.: +45 43 950 962

  • Description:

    Extraction arms for Novozymes

  • JRV A/S' part of the project:

    Delivery of Extraction arms to Zystm A/S


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