A Helping Hand for a Better Working Environment

As a modern ventilation company with more than half a century in the baggage, we are experts in ventilation plants and systems.

The majority of our tasks involve process ventilation to products such as point exhaust, fume cabinets and balanced process ventilation in general.

In Ventilation you find a collection of products that all contribute to the creation of a well-functioning ventilation plant that benefits both employees and the surroundings. The products can be purchased separately but they have a close relation to each other.

Ventilation Contains

We offer fans for process ventilation suitable for controlling large volumes of air or for assisting systems with a high pressure drop.

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Exhaust Hoods are used for all types of ventilation plants. Designed with a low pressure drop, the hoods effectively remove the discharge of contaminated air.

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Soundproof boxes are used to reduce fan noise. The box is fitted with plates of industrial slabs reducing the noise of the engine.

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Filter boxes are suitable for product protection, ventilation systems and cleanrooms. The box is designed to clean the air for particles and contamination.

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