Pharma Medico

Create a Healthier Work Environment for Employees and Surroundings

Pharma Medico is a significant universe, covering a wide variety of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, laboratories, universities and educational institutions.

It is a dynamic field where research and exchange of knowledge is in constant motion. This puts high demands and challenges on those employees and students who work in close contact with dangerous fumes, substances, contamination, etc.

In order to protect the users from these unnecessary discomfort during their working day, JRV offers fume cabinets, medicine mixing cabinets and chemical refrigerators and freezers suitable for handling chemical substances, formalin and medicine. In the same business area, we also produce LAF, FFU and UDF units which purpose is to purge air and create particle-free zones.

Pharma Medico Contains

By connecting a chemical storage refrigerator from JRV to an efficient extraction system, it ensures that the refrigerator ventilates before it can be opened, which prevents users and surroundings from being exposed to discomfort from vessels stored in the refrigerator.

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A chemical storage freezer from JRV is designed with an efficient extraction system which ensures exhaust generated by dangerous substances and vapours stored in the freezer. This prevents users and surroundings from being exposed to discomfort when opening the door.

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A fume cabinet is suitable for handling of chemical substances at laboratories or similar working places. By connecting the fume cabinet to a mechanical ventilation system, it protects employees against dangerous processes generated in the cabinet.

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3 separated units for the industry with one total purpose of purging air and creating particle-free zones. The function of the system is to remove the contaminated particles and microbes, and thereby protecting users and products during the working process.

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